The Remodelling Process

Do you have unworn, old or broken pieces of jewellery lying around, unloved in your jewellery box?

Tastes and trends evolve; fine jewellery which was appealing years ago may look outdated today.

Maybe you inherited a piece of jewellery that while sentimental, is not your style...

Perhaps you have a piece that has become damaged or is no longer wearable. ..

Have you considered having these items transformed into a stunning piece that you would cherish and enjoy wearing?

Examples of Remodelled Jewellery

Things to Consider

Gather up any jewellery, whether you think it's valuable or not.

Sometimes the things that you think are worthless might have some partial gold in them. A qualified jeweller, will be able to quickly tell you what’s real or not, and whether there is any value there.

Have some idea of what you would like to have made.

Having a starting point will make it a lot easier for us to help you create something amazing from your old pieces. While it is the jeweller’s job to give you the ideas of what is possible, having an idea before you come in, will definitely cut down a lot of the design time.

Determine your budget.

Whether you a remodelling a kitchen or a piece of jewellery it is always a great idea to work out how much you want to spend on the remodelling. Depending on what you have and what your new vision is we will work to stay within your budget. The cost of additional diamonds / coloured gemstones or metals will be quoted accordingly.

Book your consultation.

In your free, no obligation consultation, we will sit down with you and assess the jewellery you would like to use in the remodel. We will discuss your thoughts and ideas for your new dream piece and provide technical and design advice to provide you with a variety of options to choose from.