Your Wedding Day

Having been through a Wedding day ourselves, we understand that it’s a whirlwind and after the event you may depart for your honeymoon. This is why from time to time, we may find some publicly available photos of your special day and use them on our social media.

We know that it takes many hands to bring together an event such as a wedding and we would like to respect all other businesses which play a part in your special day.

To make it as simple as possible for you, we have put together a list of people/companies/things which may have been involved in your Wedding. We would appreciate any information that you can provide. Feel free to share this information with your other professionals.

We fully respect your privacy and if you would prefer not to be tagged personally in any social media content that we post, please let us know. Similarly, please feel free to tag us or email us your preferred photographs of your wedding day.

Thanking you in advance and have the day of a lifetime!

Michael & Paula Villani