Finding that special somebody and then asking the question is a daunting task in itself, without the added stress of selecting the right ring for the occasion. With so many options it can be overwhelming; which is why Paula and the team at Villani Jewellers are on hand to make it an enjoyable and exciting process.

We believe, “Superior quality starts with the design process”.


With many years of experience, our jewellery designers know how to design your engagement ring in a way that ensures that it will last a lifetime, and they have an eye for what is aesthetically pleasing. The most rewarding and enjoyable thing about handcrafting jewellery is that you become part of the process, ensuring that when it comes to crafting your ring, we go the extra mile and spend whatever time is required to achieve a perfect result. We have strict minimum tolerances to ensure the structural integrity of your ring, and we have a thorough quality control process that all our jewellery goes through. In short, at every stage, quality is our number one priority, leaving you with a one of a kind piece that will be cherished by your partner and the generations to come.


Located in Adelaide, Michael Villani creates and manufactures handcrafted jewellery of the highest quality.

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